As the new NFL season edges closer, more and more teams are deciding on who their starting quarterbacks will be. For the Seattle Seahawks, that process is over. Coach Pete Carroll and his assistants have already made up their minds on who their No.1 quarterback will be, and it’s up to Geno Smith to prove them right.

After the Seahawks’ 27-26 preseason defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, coach Carroll said that they have decided that Geno Smith will start the Seahawks’ first game of the season against the Denver Broncos.

Lock Got Unlucky But Geno Smith Earned It

Smith, who started the Cowboys game, was competing with Drew Lock for the starting quarterback position and came out as the winner. Coach Carroll said that Smith “was solid in his outing” and that he was going to take to the field in Week 1 of the new NFL season. According to Carroll, Geno “has earned it.”

But it wasn’t easy for Smith to claim that starting berth. He and Lock were alternating during practice, and the No.1 quarterback selection could have easily gone the other way. However, Lock got unlucky before the Seahawks’ second preseason game. He was supposed to start the game against the Chicago Bears but tested positive for COVID.

Lock Ran Out of Time

Carroll was sympathetic to Lock and said that “the time frame got messed up” for the Seahawks and that the player “just ran out of time” when he was supposed to make his bid and push Geno Smith for the starting job.

Smith was said to have been delighted when Carroll informed the locker room of the team’s decision. After the game on Friday, Smith thanked the coach and the team for the opportunity they had given him and said that he had “a lot of work” ahead of him. 

He added that for him, it was all about winning and that nothing mattered if they didn’t go out and triumphed in games that fans expected them to win. 

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