Negotiations between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens over the quarterback’s contract extension have broken down. As a result, the Ravens are starting the new season without knowing if Jackson will continue to be their starting quarterback next year. 

Jackson too would have probably preferred to enter the 2022 NFL season with his long-term security sorted. We will now have to wait until the season is over to find out if Lamar Jackson will stay in Baltimore or if the two will part ways.

Talks Will Resume After the Season is Over

The Ravens and Jackson have been negotiating for months before the Friday deadline Jackson set. People representing the Baltimore-based franchise were often asked if progress had been made, but couldn’t come out with a positive answer.

That continued to be the case as the Friday deadline came and went. In a statement the Ravens’ general manager Eric DeCosta released, he said that “despite best efforts on both sides” they couldn’t reach a contract extension.

The Ravens’ general manager thanked Lamar Jackson for how he handled the process and said he was excited Lamar would lead the team throughout the 2022 campaign. He added that they were now shifting their focus to on-field matters and looking forward to a successful season. 

DeCosta didn’t give up on that contract extension though and said the organization would “continue to work towards a long-term contract” once the season ends.

Coach Harbaugh Confident Jackson Will Stay

That should reassure Ravens fans that there’s still a big chance Jackson will stay in Baltimore beyond the 2022 NFL season. Words from head coach John Harbaugh should have a similar effect. 

The Ravens coach said that even though he wasn’t directly involved in contract negotiations, he remained hopeful and confident that things would “work themselves in the end.”

Harbaugh had no doubts that a contract extension will be reached “when it’s time” and that Jackson was going to stay in Baltimore for years to come. The coach added that he spoke to Jackson after contract talks broke down, but that both agreed that it was for the best if they focused on football now. 

The Baltimore Ravens have been trying to tie down Jackson to a long-term contract since early March. Back then, DeCosta said that he would offer a long contract extension to Jackson, but the player was not quite sure that the Ravens would be able to meet his demands. Even then, he told reporters that regarding the extension, DeCosta knew how to find him, and he knew how to find the general manager.

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