Justin Fields currently ranks last in several key quarterback stats and categories. He is the worst NFL quarterback (qualified) in attempts per game (16.8), passing yards per game (117.8), completion percentage (50.7), and interception percentage (6.0).

He also has a passer rating of 58.7, the lowest among all the 32 qualified quarterbacks. In fact, there is no quarterback on that list with a passer rating below 70.

Justin Fields is Actually Getting Better, Says Bears OC

However, Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is sure Fields will turn things around. Speaking to ESPN, Getsy said that contrary to what other people were saying, he thought that the Bears quarterback didn’t have a rough month. He even claimed that, in his eyes, Fields got better each week and was “growing tremendously.” 

Getsy added that it wasn’t easy for the star quarterback as the Bears were playing some good football teams. He went on to say that now was the time to stay focused on both the process and the progress in order to get better each week.

As optimistic as the Bears OC is, Fields numbers tell a story of a quarterback that’s struggling. For instance, Fields has the longest active giveaway streak (11 straight games) in the NFL and might soon come very close to Eli Manning’s infamous 14-game giveaway run. 

Similarly, he still doesn’t know how it feels to have a 100-plus passer rating and has been sacked record 16 times(through four games). Opponents have also sensed Fields’ insecurity, and, according to Next Gen Stats, the quarterback has been pressured on 44.6% of dropbacks which is the second-worst rating in that category.

Everyone Will Be Evaluated

However, the Bears’ front office must shoulder their share of the blame too. They haven’t provided Fields with decent offensive options to pass the ball to, and now the whole team is paying the price. Getsy is aware of that as well.

He said they needed to evaluate more things and not just Fields’ performances, as everyone always does. Getsy added that they should evaluate all 11 players in that offense and that they weren’t going to sit there and focus on their quarterback only. He also claimed everyone in the building shared those sentiments and felt the same way.

The Bears’ offensive coordinator finished the interview on a positive note by saying that they were all in the process of getting better and wanted to improve each player in their roster week in and week out. As long as they did that, he was sure they were going in the right direction.

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