Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt wants to get a contract extension and has been pretty clear about wanting to continue playing in his hometown team. However, he is also said to be looking at other options and some reports say he asked to be traded after his contract extension requests had fallen on deaf ears. 

The Browns think differently, though. They haven’t met either of Hunt’s requests, at least not yet. 

So, the veteran running back has decided to put pressure on the people making the decisions in the Browns camp by not participating in practice. The former Pro Bowler has missed two consecutive team drills, and according to CBS Sports, has told the Browns that he will continue to sit out practice until his demands are met.

Wants to Get Paid or Traded

Sources say that Hunt is definitely healthy and ready to join the team in practice and that because he refused to train he has been fined by the Browns

The player has reportedly told teammates that he “wants to get paid or traded.” Brown has already stated his desire to continue playing in Cleveland and, during minicamp in June, he said that he hoped he would stay with the Browns “long-term.” Back then he said that he was taking things day by day and waiting to see what they (the Browns) want to do with him.

However, reports on Sunday told a different story and said that Hunt requested to be traded but the Browns didn’t grant his request.

Things May Change

Sources say that the Browns want to keep the running back duo of Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, but they are not willing to cave in to Hunt’s contract extension demands. It is also evident they don’t want to trade him. However, there’s time until the start of the 2022 season – so many things can change.

Hunt signed a two-year extension in 2020, meaning he still has a year to run on his contract. The Browns pay Hunt $6.25 million a year and give him a $1.35 million base salary.

Hunt, an NFL leader in rushing yards in 2017, played only eight games for the Browns last year because of a calf injury. His best season was in 2020 when he totaled 1,145 yards from scrimmage and scored 11 touchdowns.

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