It was clear right from the start of the 2022 NFL season that questions about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback situation will be raised whenever the Steelers perform badly. 

The 29-17 loss they suffered at the hands of the Cleveland Browns was one such occasion, and as soon as the game was over, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had to answer the same question – whether he would bench his starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on the back of that poor performance.

However, coach Tomlin is also consistent on the matter. He said that he was “not in that mindset” and that the answer to that question was “definitely no.” Tomlin added that he was more interested in watching Trubisky’s tape and figuring out how the team can get better than relegating his starting quarterback to the bench for the next game.

Steelers Fans Want Rookie Kenny Picket to Be Given a Chance

Even though Mike Tomlin is not considering benching Trubisky right now, his hand might be forced in the coming weeks. Rookie quarterback Kenny Picket is waiting for a chance and raring to go, and Steelers fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction with Trubisky during Pittsburgh’s opening home game when the Steelers lost 17-14 to the New England Patriots.

One thing that Trubisky has going for him is that he is doing all the right things to turn his team’s fortunes around. Despite the loss, he was pretty good against the Browns, even though his game dropped in the second half when the Steelers had to punt the ball on four drives and scored only three points.

After the game, Trubisky said that he felt like he was in a good rhythm with his routine, but that he had to be better in that second half.

For now, it is clear that the starting quarterback position is Trubisky’s to lose and unless coach Tomlin sees in the tapes something he didn’t see during the game, Trubisky will start against the New York Jets on Sunday. However, Rookie Kenny Picket and Steelers fans may not have to wait long for that change of quarterback to happen.

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