Marion  Barber III has died aged 38, said his former team, the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday. The “old-school” running back, as the Cowboys described Marion Barber III, was reportedly suffering from mental health issues

Police said they made a welfare check at the apartment that was believed to have been leased by Barber and were now investigating his death.


Barber spent six years with the Cowboys from 2005 to 2010. The 2007 Pro-Bowler ended his career in Chicago in 2011 after spending one season with the Chicago Bears.

The Cowboys released a statement in which they said that they were “heartbroken by the tragic death of Marion Barber III.” They described Barber as a tenacious old-school football player that wanted to win every down, adding that “he had a passion for the game” and loved his teammates and coaches.” “Our hearts go out to Marion’s family and friends during this difficult time,” the team said.

Made It to the Pro Bowl in 2007 

Barber was only a fourth-round draft pick in 2005. He was also not a regular starter at the start of his career. However, even though he wasn’t a starter, he notched 24 touchdowns in 2006-2007. 14 of those touchdowns came in 2006. In that season, he rushed for only 654 yards.

He reached the pinnacle of his career in 2007 when he had 10 touchdowns and rushed for 975 yards. It was in that season that Barber had his first and only Pro Bowl selection.

NFL Hit By a Large Number of Deaths Recently

Things started going downhill for Barber after he stopped playing in the NFL. Three years into his retirement, he was detained and taken to a hospital for his mental health to be evaluated.

Barber’s death is the last of several that have hit the NFL in recent months. Jeff Gladney, an Arizona Cardinals cornerback died in a car crash this week while Dwayne Haskins, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, was killed while trying to cross the highway. Haskins reportedly ran out of gas and was struck by a truck after he left his car and tried to cross to the other side. 


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