This week’s San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs NFL Super Bowl LVIII game will be held at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada, at 6:30 pm on Sunday. You can watch the game on CBS and NFL Game Pass.

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

6:30 pmSunday, February 11, 2024Allegiant Stadium
49ers vs Chiefs super bowl prediction

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49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl Prediction

This week’s San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII prediction has the 49ers and the Chiefs strapping their boots and heading to the oasis in the desert at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they will battle it out for the ultimate prize in the NFL, Season champions, and a big shiny NFL Super Bowl LVIII ring with enough bling to blind a pilot mid-flight!

We will be checking out the last time they met, how they played leading into the Super Bowl, their current stats, and will also include our prediction for the outcome of the upcoming LVIII Super Bowl game.

Last Encounter

The last time the Chiefs and 49ers met one and a half years ago on October 23, 2022, the Chiefs beat the 49ers 44-23.

The Chiefs’ offense was highly effective, amassing a total of 529 yards with an impressive average of 9.1 yards per play, significantly outpacing the 49ers’ 6.2 yards per play.

This offensive efficiency is highlighted by their passing game, where Kansas City racked up 417 passing yards, with their quarterback completing 25 out of 36 attempts for an average of 11.3 yards per pass.

Despite having less possession time (26:15 compared to the 49ers’ 33:45), the Chiefs were able to maximize their scoring opportunities, particularly in the red zone where they converted 4 out of 5 attempts.

The 49ers, while accumulating 25 first downs and 444 total yards, struggled with turnovers and were less effective in converting their red zone opportunities, scoring on only 2 out of 5 attempts.

Their passing game, although yielding 343 yards, was less efficient on a per-pass basis with an average of 6.7 yards. Additionally, the 49ers’ quarterback was intercepted twice and sacked five times, losing a total of 26 yards on those plays, which contributed to stalling critical drives.

The game’s outcome was also influenced by turnovers, with the 49ers committing three compared to the Chiefs’ two, further highlighting the Chiefs’ ability to capitalize on their opponents’ mistakes.

Overall, the Chiefs demonstrated a superior offensive strategy and execution, coupled with timely defensive plays that limited the 49ers’ scoring opportunities.

Leading up to the Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers won 3 of their last 5 games, showing strength in close victories against Detroit and Green Bay but stumbling against the Rams and the Ravens.

Their performance has been a mix of tight wins and losses, with a notable victory over Washington.

The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, swept their last 5 games, demonstrating their ability to win in different scenarios, from tight defensive games against the Chargers and Ravens to more comfortable victories over the Dolphins and Bengals.

Their consistent winning streak highlights their strong form leading into their most recent matchups.

Super Bowl LVIII

The 49ers are boasting a dynamic offense that has held strong all season, notably superior in rushing and scoring efficiency, against the Chiefs’ formidable passing game and defensive stronghold.

The 49ers outshine with an impressive 6966 total yards to the Chiefs’ 6167, signaling a potent offensive force. Despite the Chiefs’ tight grip on ball security and a strategic approach to possession time, the 49ers’ remarkable rush game and scoring ability could be the game-changer.

With both teams almost neck-and-neck in defensive metrics, the battle will be pretty intense. However, leaning on their top-tier offense and efficient rush attack, the 49ers are poised as the favorites in this encounter, despite the Chiefs’ resilient defense and passing strength.

This game is set to be a showdown of strategic dominance, where the 49ers’ offensive versatility might tip the scales in their favor.

Betting Pick: 49ers

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49ers vs Chiefs Injury Report

Team Stats

Total Yards69666167799
Passing Yards43844188196
Rushing Yards23891784605
Average Yards per Play761
Points Scored491371120
Fumbles Lost6115
Interceptions Thrown12175
Sacks Allowed34286
3rd Down Efficiency47%43%4%
Time of Possession Per Game28:5229:310:39
Total Yards Allowed54745277197
Passing Yards Allowed36423001641
Rushing Yards Allowed15251925400
Points Allowed2982944
Fumbles Recovered693
Allowed 3rd Down Efficiency40%37%3%

General Assessment of Teams’ Performance

Analyzing the statistics of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, we see distinct strengths and weaknesses in both teams. The 49ers have a significant edge in total yards, particularly in rushing yards and points scored. Their offensive game appears more dynamic, averaging more yards per play. The Chiefs, however, have better ball security with fewer fumbles lost and excel in time of possession, indicating a more controlled, methodical approach.

Offensive Analysis

  • Total Yards: The 49ers lead with 6966 yards compared to the Chiefs’ 6167, showing a more potent offense.
  • Passing Yards: Both teams are strong in the passing game, but the 49ers have a slight edge.
  • Rushing Yards: The 49ers’ rushing game is significantly stronger, outrushing the Chiefs by 605 yards.
  • Points Scored: The 49ers have scored 120 more points over the season, showcasing their scoring efficiency.

Defensive Analysis

  • Total Yards Allowed: The 49ers have a slightly higher total yardage allowed.
  • Passing Yards Allowed: The Chiefs are notably stronger against the pass, conceding 641 fewer yards.
  • Rushing Yards Allowed: The 49ers have a better rush defense, allowing 400 yards less.
  • Points Allowed: Both teams are almost equal in points allowed, indicating solid defenses.

Special Teams and Discipline

  • Fumbles and Interceptions: The Chiefs have lost more fumbles but thrown fewer interceptions than the 49ers.
  • Sacks: The Chiefs have allowed fewer sacks, suggesting a more robust offensive line.
  • 3rd Down Efficiency: The 49ers are more efficient on the third down.
  • Penalties: The 49ers have slightly more penalties, indicating discipline issues.


  • Offense: The 49ers rank 2nd and the Chiefs 9th.
  • Defense: The 49ers rank 8th and the Chiefs 4th.
  • Passing: The 49ers rank 6th in passing, while the Chiefs rank 3rd.
  • Rushing: The 49ers rank 19th in rushing.

Win Probability

  • San Francisco 49ers: 60%
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 40%

[San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Prediction]

Given the overall analysis, the San Francisco 49ers have a more dynamic offense, especially in the rushing department, and a comparably strong defense. The Kansas City Chiefs, while strong in their passing game and defensive metrics, lag in rushing and overall offensive output. The 49ers’ higher scoring ability and rushing advantage might be the key in this matchup. Therefore, the prediction leans towards a 49ers win, with a 60% probability, considering their balanced strength in offense and defense.