This week’s Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens NFL game will be held at M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland, at 1:30 pm on Friday. You can watch the game on ESPN.

Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens

1:30 pmFriday, January 20, 2024M&T Bank Stadium
Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens prediction

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Texans vs Ravens Prediction

This week’s Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens prediction has the Texans trotting down to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, to take on the Ravens at home.

In their last meeting on September 10th, 2023 the Ravens beat the Texans 25-9.

This game is an interesting one with significant pros and cons for each team, The Texans have a clear lead in the passing department with 538 more passing yards than the Ravens, whereas the Ravens have an even bigger lead in rushing with an extra 1014 more rushing yards in total, given that the Ravens have also scored an additional 106 more points than the Texans it is evident that the Ravens rushing yards will be of significant concern for the Texans this week.

The Texans have also allowed 716 more passing yards than the Ravens hinting that their defense will not be up to scratch come game day.

The Ravens are the better team and have been a top contender for the Super Bowl all year, and while it would be great to see the Texans make it to the big game we can’t see it happening.

Betting Pick: Ravens

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Texans vs Ravens Injury Report

Team Stats

Total Yards62256542317
Passing Yards41733635538
Rushing Yards164726611014
Average Yards per Play660
Points Scored377483106
Fumbles Lost6126
Interceptions Thrown871
Sacks Allowed47416
3rd Down Efficiency37%42%5%
Time of Possession Per Game30:4929:261:23
Total Yards Allowed59775577400
Passing Yards Allowed39793263716
Rushing Yards Allowed16431860217
Points Allowed35328073
Fumbles Recovered10133
Allowed 3rd Down Efficiency35%36%1%

General Assessment

In a compelling matchup between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens, the statistical overview reveals distinct strengths and weaknesses for each team. The Ravens hold a slight edge in total yards, but the Texans have a significant advantage in passing yards. Conversely, the Ravens dominate in rushing yards, showcasing their ground game prowess. Points scored also favor the Ravens, indicating a more potent offense overall. However, the Texans have been more secure with the ball, with fewer fumbles lost and interceptions thrown.

Offensive Analysis

Houston Texans

  • Passing Game: The Texans excel in the air with 4173 passing yards, outperforming the Ravens by a significant margin. This indicates a strong passing offense.
  • Rushing Game: With 1647 rushing yards, the Texans lag behind the Ravens, suggesting a less effective ground game.
  • Scoring and Efficiency: Scoring 377 points, the Texans fall behind the Ravens. Their 3rd down efficiency at 37% also needs improvement.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Passing Game: The Ravens have a modest passing offense with 3635 yards, but their strength lies elsewhere.
  • Rushing Game: Dominating with 2661 rushing yards, they lead the NFL in this category, showcasing a formidable rushing attack.
  • Scoring and Efficiency: Scoring 483 points highlights their offensive potency. Their 42% 3rd down efficiency is commendable, enhancing their scoring opportunities.

Defensive Analysis

Houston Texans

  • Yards Allowed: The Texans have allowed more total yards and passing yards compared to the Ravens, indicating a vulnerability in their pass defense.
  • Points Allowed: With 353 points allowed, their defense is less effective than the Ravens’.
  • Turnovers and Sacks: The Texans have fewer interceptions and sacks, suggesting a less aggressive or effective defensive strategy.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Yards Allowed: The Ravens’ defense is stronger, especially against the pass, allowing fewer total and passing yards.
  • Points Allowed: Only 280 points allowed signifies a robust defensive unit.
  • Turnovers and Sacks: More interceptions and sacks reflect a more aggressive and effective defensive approach.

Special Teams and Discipline

  • Texans: More penalties (114) indicate discipline issues. However, their time of possession per game is better, suggesting good control during plays.
  • Ravens: Fewer penalties and a higher sack count show a disciplined and aggressive special teams unit.


  • Texans: 12th in offense and 14th in defense.
  • Ravens: 6th in offense and also 6th in defense, highlighting a more balanced and effective team.

Win Probability

  • Houston Texans: 40%
  • Baltimore Ravens: 60%

Given the Ravens’ superior rushing game, better scoring ability, and a more robust defense, they hold the advantage. The Texans’ superior passing game may not be enough to overcome the Ravens’ balanced offense and stout defense. The Ravens’

60% win probability reflects their overall edge in key areas. Expect a game where the Texans’ air assault challenges the Ravens’ strong defensive line, but the Ravens’ rushing dominance and defensive prowess should ultimately prevail, making them the favorites in this matchup.



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