This week’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills NFL game will be held at Highmark Stadium, Tampa, Florida, at 3:30 pm on Monday. You can watch the game on CBS.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills

3:30 pmSunday, January 21, 2024Highmark Stadium
Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills prediction

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Chiefs vs Bills Prediction

This week’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills prediction has the Chiefs migrating to Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, to take on the Bills at home.

It seems like only yesterday the Chiefs and Bills played each other; in their last meeting on December 10, 2023, the Bills beat the Chiefs 20-17 in one of the best games this season.

For a finals game the statistics couldn’t be much closer, and while the Bills do lead in rushing yards and total points scored there are no other clear indicators on how this game might play out.

Both teams are in fine form with the Bills beating the Steelers last week 31-17, and the Chiefs beating the Dolphins 26-7, both teams finished the season on 11 wins – 6 losses.

If we had to pick, we think the Chiefs will scrape through the win; however, this game really can go either way.

Betting Pick: Chiefs

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Chiefs vs Bills Injury Report

Team Stats

Total Yards61676518351
Passing Yards4188415434
Rushing Yards17842212428
Average Yards per Play660
Points Scored37145180
Fumbles Lost11101
Interceptions Thrown17181
Sacks Allowed28244
3rd Down Efficiency43%49%6%
Time of Possession Per Game29:3128:271:04
Total Yards Allowed52775556279
Passing Yards Allowed30013342341
Rushing Yards Allowed1925188045
Points Allowed29431117
Fumbles Recovered9112
Allowed 3rd Down Efficiency37%38%1%

General Assessment of Teams’ Performance

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills

The matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills presents a close contest with some key differences in their statistical performances. The Bills have a slight edge in total yards, driven by a notable advantage in rushing yards, while the Chiefs excel in defensive capabilities.

Offensive Analysis

  • Passing Yards: The Chiefs and Bills are nearly even in passing yards, with the Chiefs slightly ahead.
  • Rushing Yards: The Bills lead significantly in rushing yards, indicating a stronger ground game.
  • Points Scored: The Bills have scored 80 more points than the Chiefs, showcasing a more potent scoring offense.

Defensive Analysis

  • Total Yards Allowed: The Chiefs have allowed fewer total yards, suggesting a stronger defensive unit.
  • Passing/Rushing Yards Allowed: The Chiefs are better at containing the pass, while both teams are comparable in rushing defense.
  • Points Allowed: The Chiefs have a slight edge, having allowed fewer points.

Special Teams and Discipline

  • Fumbles and Interceptions: The teams are closely matched in turnovers, with the Bills having slightly fewer fumbles but more interceptions.
  • Sacks and 3rd Down Efficiency: The Chiefs have allowed fewer sacks and have a lower 3rd down efficiency allowed, indicating stronger defensive and offensive line play.
  • Time of Possession: The Chiefs lead in time of possession, which could be crucial in controlling the game.


  • Offense: The Bills (4th) have a higher offensive ranking than the Chiefs (9th).
  • Defense: The Chiefs (2nd) excel in defense, ranking higher than the Bills (9th).
  • Passing and Rushing: Both teams are ranked closely in passing, but the Bills have a significant advantage in rushing.

Win Probability Percentage

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 47%
  • Buffalo Bills: 53%

The Bills’ superior offensive ranking, especially in rushing, and their higher points scored give them a slight edge. However, the Chiefs’ stronger defense, particularly against the pass, and their efficiency in controlling the game through time of possession make them formidable opponents.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills Prediction

This game is expected to be a closely fought battle. The Buffalo Bills, with their stronger rushing attack and higher-scoring offense, are slightly favored. However, the Kansas City Chiefs’ robust defense and slightly better control over game time could make this a tightly contested matchup. The Bills are likely to edge out, but the Chiefs’ defensive prowess could be a key factor.



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